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Find Doctors, surgical procedures, lab tests, and imaging studies with pricing any payment options near you.
Doctors Surgery Imaging Laboratories
Medical Doctor Visit Epidural Injection X-Ray Basic Metabolic Panel
Urgent Care Visit Microdiscectomy CT (Cat Scan) General Health Panel
Chiropractic Visit Myelogram UltraSound Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Eye Exam EMG I Mammography
Dental Exam EMG II MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Blood Count
  Cervical Fusion Procedures Culture, bacterial; blood, aerobic with isolation
  Diskectomy-Laminectomy or Rhizotomy Procedures  
  Open Reduction/Internal Fixation of Radius or Ulna  
  Shoulder Arthroscopy  
  Spinal Fusion Procedures: PLIF, TLIF, ALIF, XLIF, ILIF  
  Total Joint Replacement: Total Hip, Total Knee  
The Doclopedia Marketplace is presently enabled in Arizona only. Check back soon for provides in your area.
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Your personal login and password are required to access your medical profile. Your medical history is stored in the Doclopedia database, securely hosted and maintained by employees living the United States. Doclopedia will never send the database offshore, protecting you privacy and information. In addition, Doclopedia will never sell or distribute any of your personal information for any purpose other than providing your medical information to medical providers that you select. For additional information, please take a minute to review our privacy policy. Thank you.

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